If I want to self-publish, how do I get started?

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 in

We design covers for many self-publishers. Wherever you are in the development of your book — thinking, planning, writing, or producing — consider hiring a coach to support and guide you through the self-publishing maze. Be wary of charlatans and choose your coach wisely.

Self-publishing expert Dan Poynter has the knowledge to make your venture faster, easier, and more successful. Visit Dan’s website. It has hundreds of pages of information and free documents plus books, reports, and audios. We highly recommend Dan’s book, The Self-Publishing Manual, as a primer for working successfully with us.

If you are new to self-publishing, we also recommend that you join IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) for support in all aspects of independent publishing. Click here to learn more information about IBPA and to visit their website.