Got Social Mediology?

Posted on Feb 6, 2014 in Book Cover Design, Case Studies, Fonts and Colors, Portfolio

Got Social Mediology?

The study of social media from a psychology-based perspective could be very dry but author Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor®, insisted that we convey through our approach to cover design that social mediology can be fun.

The title beckoned for the “Got Milk?” ads font for starters. Then, following a brainstorming session, we landed on the idea of opening the mind to new concepts, and we found the ideal image of an androgynous head. We cracked open the lid and filled it with talking bubbles containing various social media icons.

Perfect! Or so it seemed.

However, when researching the most current print-ready logos for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, we quickly discovered that it is illegal to use these icons on a retail product like Jay’s book cover.


Back to the drawing board.

We decided to use symbols suggesting social media actions to get around the logo issues. We thought it was brilliant but something about it didn’t sit right with author Jay Izso.

How about trying words like “tweet, share, pin” etc., floating subliminally in the background? Nope. Too cluttered.

Well, how about replacing the symbols with those words? Better.

Now, it’s feeling a little too academic. Let’s introduce more color. It’s getting there but still feels a little too dry.



Mediology 2
Mediology 3
Mediology 5


Let’s throw in more color, highlighting the catch words “psychology” and “business” and — most importantly, that distinctive phrase “without spending a dime.” (Would you believe? . . . that phrase was initially omitted and we strongly encouraged the author reinstate it as his USP.) And now how about making those talking bubbles 3D while you’re at it? Ah, yes, that’s it!


Mediology 6
Mediology 7


2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards National Gold Medalist,