Brand yourself from photo shoot to book to website and beyond

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 in Book Cover Design, Book Marketing Tools, Branding, Case Studies, Marketing

Brand yourself from photo shoot to book to website and beyond

Internationally recognized marketing and sales consultant and speaker Steven Power is using this book to promote his speaking career to the next level, answer his audiences’ continual requests for a book, and secure his expert status as the leading voice in his industry. That’s the power of a self-published book.

After speaking to over 20,000 sales people, Steven discovered that 80 percent were asking him for a book. They wanted more of him.

It was important for us to know that this author is selling his book primarily on his website and is not at all concerned about bookstore sales. For that reason, this cover features him as a main selling component.

We art-directed and considered a wide variety of professional photos. We then chose this one for the way it helps integrate the book title to create a total branding combination — a very powerful strategy. The author also needed this book to have an innovative look while maintaining a clean corporate image to reinforce his exceptional credibility and expertise. This cover design clearly does both.

Right out of the chute Power Selling sold 3000 copies at $25 with no marketing expense, reaping $75,000 in revenue. The credibility gained by authoring the book resulted in increased speaking fees at $27,000 for a 3-day seminar. When asked for his business card, Steven handed the book to his seat mate on a plane, and this turned into over $300,000 in consulting fees. Steven professes, “I’m clearly in the consulting and seminar business, not the book business. The book is my vehicle.”

Steven Power requested a brand-compatible logo suitable for his self-publishing entity as well as his other ventures. The red, gray, and black color palette works for his bold, streamlined approach to business-to-business sales, and now permeates all product packaging and promotional materials which we’ve designed for him. This strong, highly-recognizable brand identity grows with Steven and his offerings.


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