Leveraging your chance at sponsorship using your cover

Posted on Sep 7, 2013 in Before-After, Book Cover Design, Book Marketing Tools, Case Studies, Marketing

Leveraging your chance at sponsorship using your cover

Pride Passion Profit: 7 Steps to Category Development goes where no one else has dared go: to the heart of the relationship between a consumer and a buying experience. We were asked to freshen up this previous cover (below) without deviating greatly. PridePassionBEFORE

We maintained the color palette, added an endorsement, massaged the typography so that each word of the title produces the emotion associated with that word, and enhances the subtitle to give legs to the title.

When asked to update this book cover design, we also discovered an opportunity for sponsorship. Author Inez Blackburn’s goal, after dressing up the existing book and printing new books, was to sell copies to members of the audience at an upcoming conference which would be attended by some of the world’s largest big box stores. Amidst the redesign process and during discussions of the book’s goals, we suggested that Inez contact the event planner to recommend their pre-purchasing copies of the book as a give-away to their audience, rather than Inez selling books back-of-room at the event after her presentation. In return, she would place their name and logo on the cover as sponsor of the book for some targeted advertising and good will. They were thrilled. She was more thrilled because their purchase price as sponsor covered not only their cost for 1000 customized give-away books but also covered the cost for Inez’s extra 500 books for her future use. Because this beautiful hard-bound, dust-jacketed book ran on press, the cost of additional books to the print run was negligible. So it was a win-win for everyone.