Special effects that make all the difference

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Book Cover Design, Book Production

Special effects that make all the difference

This must-read for all entrepreneurs tells the captivating story of how a software firm accidentally became a dotcom darling and eventually a public company. The seedling is the perfect suggestion of possibility in an otherwise cold, fast-paced, frenetic, high-tech world of business.

This book was first introduced in hard-cover format with a dust jacket. We give special attention to details like the hard cover’s cloth, choice of foil color for hot stamping the spine, selection of headbands, and paper for endsheets. Here the endsheets were perfectly matched to the color palette in the dust jacket, creating a a layer of elegance and warmth.


Later, when the softcover version was launched, we highlighted its Independent Publisher award on the front cover. Awards are a great vehicle for amping up your visibility and credibility.