Starting with something new is not that easy; getting to know more about the same is even more difficult. This also goes for casino games. In the generation of the online world, some people prefer eBooks over regular books available in the market. So, if you are looking for the best eBooks for casino players, you have landed at the right place. Here we will be having a look at the best eBooks which are based on Casino. For those who prefer digital ressources, check out This online casino portal is a reference for years in the United States.

Casino Royale

Ian Fleming wrote this book, and he is a renowned author. He wrote this book telling about the experiences of James Bond throughout his career in the gambling industry. He also told the readers about the secret tips and tricks used by James Bond to win most of the times in Casino Royale. It was written long ago, during the 1960s and was not very popular then. But it became much more popular during the 21st century, after which a movie version was also released.

Loser takes All

The name of this book is way too interesting, due to which people take more interest in reading such books. This book was released just two years after the book of Ian Fleming was released. Fortunately, this book performed much better at the beginning than the latter. This story is set in the city of Monte Carlo, where there is an assistant and his fiance together and is about to get married soon. But how interesting the events took the change and turned out to be very intense for the readers.

Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas

As the name suggests, this book will take the readers to the city of Las Vegas, which is mainly known for its gambling hubs. There are many gambling hubs present in the city to date. The book was officially released in 1995, and it follows the story of a Mafia gang in the city and how they took over all the gambling hubs and dominated the tables present there.

The Gambler

It is considered the oldest novel on the internet for Gambling stories. This novel was written during the 1870s when people hardly knew about the Gambling industry. The author did not even think that his book would be such a massive success in the industry these days. The biggest part of this book is that the author wrote it on a deadline so that he can pay of his Gambling debts and start Gambling again. So, this book tells us about how he goes on in his journey.

The Biggest Game in Town

This book is dedicated to Al Alvarez as he had been featured in this book. The author tells the readers about his journey and how he ensured that he would be dominating the tables present in the Gambling hubs. Along with that, this book even features many other top poker players of that time and tells the readers about the secret tips they followed so that they could win most of the time on the table.

Intelligent Guide to Casino Gaming

If you are also looking forward to stepping into the field of Casino Gaming, then this would be the best book you could ever get. It informs the players about all the basic things they should know about the same and the common mistakes they should avoid on the Gambling table. Several gambling games are covered in this book and teach the readers about the same.

Casino Conquest

It is probably the best book you should read if you are looking forward to getting tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning in Casino games. This book would help you to conquer the table and be among the list of top earners present on the table. It also tells about what should be avoided on the gambling table.

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